We are exceptionally good at some things.


Clearly the most visible advertising medium, television excels at reaching a large audience very quickly. New production techniques can now deliver cinema-quality results on even modest budgets. From animation to live action, eMedia delivers TV advertising that gets noticed.


Inspired by radio’s ability to create elaborate images in the minds of listeners, eMedia crafts radio commercials that go beyond talking and involve the audience in the story. By creatively blending music, sound effects and great acting eMedia radio spots not only deliver your message but entertain at the same time.


The grand daddy of advertising mediums. Some of the best advertising of all time has been created in print. eMedia carries on that tradition with award winning magazine and newspaper advertising that combines compelling copywriting and dramatic design.


The Internet used to be the “new frontier” of advertising. Today it is an essential part of any marketing plan. Every business needs an Internet presence. And eMedia can help. From website design to banner ads to streaming video eMedia has the resources to make your Internet advertising memorable.

Social Media

Social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogger can be valuable sales, marketing and support tools if you know how to effectively apply them to your business. Social media should start with the strategy, be measurable and create real results.

Promotion & Event

This is where the fun really begins! Everyone loves a great party…or grand opening…or celebrity personal appearance…or just about any kind of on-site event. And eMedia can plan, coordinate and produce events that will have people talking about, and visiting, your business.

Collateral Advertising

Collateral materials are the oh-so-necessary everyday elements that keep your business running. Things like sales packages, point-of-purchase displays, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and brochures…even fun things like logo merchandise and promotional items. And eMedia takes these elements as seriously as any other piece of your marketing mix.

Outdoor Advertising

Talk about making a big impression! The larger-than-life aspect of outdoor advertising offers unique opportunities to communicate your message. It can target specific geographic areas and create long term awareness, consistency and credibility. But make it quick; the average read time is only about 5 seconds!.

How do I know I’m reaching the right audience?

Getting your marketing message in front of the right people at the right time takes a special blend of art and science. That’s why eMedia has a full service media research, planning and buying department. Media buys are prepared for optimization using the most accurate audience measurements available from sources such as; Nielsen and Arbitron.

In addition to the well known Nielsen and comScore services for Radio, TV, Digital and Multi-Media Campaigns, eMedia also subscribes to SQAD – the reporting tool that shows Cost Per Point (CPP) ratings for Radio and Television per day part and demographic. And once we’ve used these tools to create your perfect media buy we don’t just “place it and forget it.”

After your media schedule runs eMedia compares the projected ratings to the actual post-show ratings to ensure that you get every single rating point for which you’ve paid.

eMedia is highly service oriented, has tremendous buying power, moves quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines while stretching clients’ advertising budgets to gain outstanding media buys.